Unrivalled on Development Value?

This company was founded with a motive of providing tremendous development value to least developed countries through the implementation of carbon projects. And almost ten years later, this is still our guiding principle when deciding what projects to take on.

Project: Access to clean drinking – Nigeria and Malawi
Millions of households in Nigeria and Malawi lack access to improved sources of drinking water (UNICEF, 2020). Their only option is to collect water from a nearby contaminated water source and boil the water to get rid of some of the dangerous bacteria/contamination. As a result, households fall ill from cholera, typhoid and guinea worm infection.
Boiling contaminated drinking water leads to high consumption of charcoal and firewood which exposes households to in-door air pollution, leading to respiratory diseases.
Furthermore, household consumption of wood and charcoal for water boiling also impacts nature through deforestation and reduction in bio-diversity. Nigeria and Malawi have some of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. In Nigeria, it is estimated that 1.5 million trees are lost each day due to illegal logging. Demand for charcoal is the main driver of this illegal logging.
Implemented solutions: borehole and hand pumps
This project provides community water supply systems through boreholes with hand pumps. The households that benefit from these projects live in poor rural areas in different communities across Nigeria. The implemented systems practically remove the need for households to boil their drinking water, resulting in reduced CO2 emission, reduced deforestation, and indoor air pollution. And, most importantly, it provides Nigerian households with a local water source free of dangerous contamination.
This quantified development value has been validated by DNV-GL.
Clean water to Nigerians – Development Value
  • Local access to clean drinking water for over 53 000 households
  • Reduced CO2 emission by 1 094 272 ton
  • Reduced deforestation by 7 651 hectare
  • 51 418 155 hours given back to women and children
  • 2 113 life-years saved (eDALY).
Clean water to Malawians – Development Value
  • Local access to clean drinking water for over 22 000 households
  • Reduced CO2 emission by 453 696 ton
  • Reduced deforestation by 3 172 hectare
  • 21 317 867 hours given back to women and children
  • 876 life-years saved (eDALY)
CERs from our projects in Nigeria and Malawi are currently available for sale.
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