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Green Development is a private company that has registered a CDM Program of Activity (PoA). We partner up with project implementers who want to start their projects instead of spending time and resources on registering their own program. Projects under this program will be implemented by local partners that will share the income generated from carbon credits. Green Development has together with local implementing partners generated carbon credits from projects in Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi and Nigeria. Hence, Green Development seeks to get in touch with both project implementers and buyers of carbon credits.

Carbon Credits

We give you REAL value for the money.

Carbon credit buyers:

Our projects creates change where its most needed, and our prices are based on documentation and verification of the same. You must therefore be willing to pay a premium for our carbon credits – premium price, superior development value. By the way, you can choose to buy carbon credits generated from specific countries or projects if you prefer. More on that down below.

Project Implementation

Can you join our PoA?

Project implementers:

We have high standards for project development value and are therefore selective about companies we partner with and projects we support. If you are planning to implement a green project in near future, contact us to find out if you qualify to join our program. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment to discuss this. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Household by household

Through heavily discounted clean ethanol cookstoves, financed by carbon credits, we have changed the lives of thousands of women and children in Madagascar and Kenya. And today, household by household we continue this change for the better. Are you looking to buy carbon credits from projects generating superior development value?

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Impact that matters

Together with our implementation partners we produce and offer impactful carbon credits. Read more on this here..

Best in development value?

The PoA for the reduction of emission from non-renewable fuel from cooking at household level is the best carbon credit program in the world. This might be a tough statement, but we believe we can back it up.

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Clean cooking projects – story

Indoor air pollution from burning fuels such as wood to heat or light homes or cook is putting nearly three billion people worldwide at risk of ill health and early death. Women and children are particularly susceptible to the toxic effects of pollution and are exposed to the highest concentrations.

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Clean water to tens of thousands – story

Green Development is seeking buyers of carbon credits from our program. The carbon credits will be sold to those that are willing to pay a premium for carbon credits with substantial development value.

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Implementers should implement – leave the paperwork with us.

Håvard Nørstebø

General Manager
Green Development AS
Phone Norway +47 93630730
Madagascar +261 (0) 34 40 40 556
Kenya +254 (07) 799 529 039

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